Kiss UK power to Gold with ReelWorld

Kiss, the UK radio brand that reaches over 4.5 million listeners every week, has just taken the Production Gold at the Radio Academy Awards, the UK radio equivalent of the Oscars.

Their production team is supported by regular updates from ReelWorld Europe as well as access to ReelWorld’s Production Vault CHR service.

Kiss Group Imaging Producer Simon Palframan, who is scheduled to speak about their branding at the up and coming Imaging Days conference in Amsterdam in September, thanked ReelWorld is his acceptance speech.

Until the end of the June 2014 the Radio Academy is giving people the chance to hear the winning entries online and you can experience the winning sound of Kiss here including an injection of ReelWorld sizzle.

ReelWorld European Managing Director Anthony Gay said: “Kiss is a fantastic brand that knows exactly what it is and it’s a privilege to support them with their branding”.

Production Vault CHR is ReelWorld’s constantly updating topical imaging service featuring thousands of branded intros, promos, sweepers and sound design elements. It is the imaging service of choice for the biggest radio stations in the world including NRJ, KRONEHIT, Z100, RTL Berlin, and Heart UK.

You can follow ReelWorld Europe on Twitter @reelworldeurope and check out the new website for the latest jingle releases.

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