LFM Audio present Hot Dance Radio jingles

LFM Audio has recently been rebranded from LFM Productions and have a strong history in the world of radio commercials and imaging. Most small and medium sized radio stations have until now, not been able to afford high quality jingles (those short catchy tunes that are played between songs). They provide highly creative jingles and imaging to these smaller stations at a price that they can actually afford. Their specialty is contemporary jingle compositions, which are equal to if not better than those of the larger radio stations and have recently completed their latest package for Hot Dance Radio.

Hot Dance Radio is an online radio station with listeners that are spread throughout the world. They play a modern mix of the latest and greatest ‘Hits with a Beat’. They have no commercials and no DJ’s so it is nonstop rhythmic hit music, with a mix of male and female followers of all ages.

Hot Dance Radio required three custom jingles which included a jingle slogan, which included their station tag line / call letters and a sting version, which included just their call letters. They are a non-profit self funded radio station so they needed a company who could provide them with contemporary jingles that suited the upbeat and rhythmic music mix they offer at a price which they could afford. They are actively involved with their listeners and often go back into archived playlists to find the title of a song which played at a certain time or take special requests from their listeners.

This package which LFM Audio delivered to Hot Dance Radio which was fully mastered and professionally sung, was completed within 3 weeks for under From beginning to end LFM Audio provided constant updates on the progress of their jingles. “We were surprised by how quick the process went. After the initial payment the first results came within a week and it sounded great!” This is what Hot Dance Radio had to say when asked how they found the LFM Audio process to be.

They also say that if you are looking for professional and affordable sung jingles then LFM Audio is the only place to go. With LFM fast becoming one of the hot topics in radio jingle circles, there is no doubt that they are headed for a bigger and brighter future. Fresh, exciting and creative jingles produced at a highly competitive price is not something to be ignored! They offer fully customized original compositions that will suit your business needs and will add a professional finish that is second to none. Special priced Jingles Packages are obtainable now even before the new website has launched. To found out more about LFM Audio and what they have to offer your business please email sales@lfmaudio.com. Their website is not yet up and running but it will be available at http://www.lfmaudio.com

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