LFM Audio touches down in Germany

Radio M4 is a station playing today’s hits — but the station is in a market that was new territory for LFM Audio: Germany.

Radio M4 wanted jingles that would fit perfectly with their Slogan of “Your Life, Your Music,” format and with the German language requirement, it was going to be a challenge for any jingle provider to get the pronunciations just right.

It was LFM’s first foray into the German market, but they accomplished the task with careful attention to detail by creating 8 Ramp Cuts, 8 Slogan Cuts, 8 Sting Cuts & 8 Acapellas — all in the German language. They customized already-composed jingle themes, adding new German lyrics and then re-singing the tune of the jingles to match Radio M4’s style, as well as composing a few new themes.

With the price and the products produced, to say that Radio M4 was happy is something of an understatement.

Today, Radio M4 has a full battery of jingles they can use to present themselves as a top-quality “today’s hits” station in the German market. Not only did Radio M4 get a large package of jingles for a very low price – but the package also came with an unlimited broadcast license, meaning they could broadcast the audio forever, with no ongoing costs.

“From the first contact, to the communication during the production until the master production, I worked with professionals (Ethan, Igor & Team) from LFM Audio. They know what Radio M4 need(s) and make it perfect. Especially with German singers. And the conditions are also very good. Got a lot (of) amazing jingles for a really good price,” said Radio M4’s station manager Manuel Guthman.

LFM Audio are growing worldwide with clients in Spain, Netherlands, Australia, UK, New Zealand and more. Get in touch with the Team via lfmaudio.com

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