LFM Audio’s Sung Jingles Power 897 FM Pop Radio

Leading the way as part of a serious success story in the making, LFM Audio is fast emerging as an internationally renowned radio branding/jingles production unit, with the airwaves of 897 FM Pop Radio joining the ever-growing list of radio stations for which the New Zealand based production company has completed a stellar job.

While LFM Audio’s spectrum of audio production services is an impressively broad one, their 897 FM Pop Radio mandate was to produce sung jingles, delivering their characteristically professional signature quality while at the same time representing the specific radio station’s unique identity. It is perhaps their adeptness at striking this balance between professional/commercial quality and uniqueness which accounts for the production company’s growing popularity, with the results manifested through sung jingles that are becoming a big part of the lives of many radio listeners, all over the world.

In the specific case of the sung jingles produced for 897 FM Pop Radio, the sheer quality of the finished articles is represented through their timelessness. Upon hearing the sung jingles which air throughout the production of all radio slots, one cannot help but get the sense that these jingles were always part of 897 FM Pop Radio, just lying in wait for their ultimate presentation to the radio station’s listeners. The heart and soul of the radio station is represented with uncanny accuracy, with listeners and commercial sponsors alike very quickly associating a certain sound with their favourite radio station. That’s what LFM Audio continues to provide its growing list of satisfied professional radio outfits, with the same sentiments best echoed by the radio station authorities themselves. “Thank you for a great job,” said Oto Görner of 897 FM Pop Radio. “Jingles for Radio 897 FM POP are bombastic,” he continues, citing a new energy enjoyed by their internet radio station as a result of professionally produced sung jingles by LFM Audio. Oto went on to discuss LFM Audio’s professionalism in their attitude, along with their quality and reliability, concluding his detailed synopsis of the working relationship with a heartfelt recommendation — “We look forward to future cooperation!”

While the quality and professionalism is there for everyone to witness, the true value of LFM Audio’s sung radio jingles resides in the fact that that sought-after professionalism and quality is available through packages from under $1000. Visit www.lfmaudio.com for more details on getting sung jingles produced for your radio station and other projects.

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