Funkytown Radio: German Jingles with a Funky Feel by LFM Audio

Funkytown is a funk, disco, and soul-inspired radio show produced by Thomas Kreher for an audience in Osnabrück, Germany.

The show’s creator wanted a series of jingles that would match the feeling of the show, but since the package would be for just one show, as opposed to being for the entire station, the budget considerations were even greater. Kreher discovered LFM Audio, knowing they could deliver a quality package for an affordable price… and in German, no less.

Creating “funky” jingles in the German language was a new challenge for LFM- and one that is not often found in the industry today. Still, they used their expertise to create something that fits the disco, funk and soul vibe of the show.

In total, four themes were composed (with slogans, sting and acappella cuts) for the show, all with an unlimited broadcast license. This package is available to be resung for your station now for under $1000!.

The client says the package price was “perfectly priced,” and was more than pleased with the results. “From the beginning I was well informed about the individual production steps. My requests for changes were immediately implemented to my satisfaction,” says Kreher. “I would recommend LFM Audio (to) all who want to have a good jingle package and only have a small (budget).”

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