Rouge FM seduced by ReelWorld

Rouge FM in Switzerland is the latest station to choose ReelWorld’s ONE updating jingle service to take its sound to the next level.

The Lausanne based station has signed up for the service which delivers a huge starter kit of jingles and new jingle themes every month.

Programme Director Philippe Martin: “The ReelWorld ONE CHR service gives us incredible fire power in terms of branding. The size of the audio library and the new jingles every month seduced us at once!”

As well as the jingles, subscribers to ReelWorld ONE get new branded intros, produced ID’s and logo work parts every month. The service is billed as “the last jingle package you will ever need” and certainly lives up to the claim.

Philippe added, “We needed a very current sound, a new hard hitting sonic logo, fused with a powerful sound and a mix which would match the output of Rouge FM. ReelWorld ONE offers us infinite possibilities of reshaping, of remixing, of adapting and of developing our branding.

Rouge FM is a powerful brand and we need the same power from our jingles. It is what we found with ReelWorld and we are very proud of the results on air”.

ReelWorld ONE jingles are already on air in the UK, France, Ireland, Germany, Spain, Sweden and Norway and continue to be the choice of some of Europe’s biggest radio groups. The service comes in two formats, CHR and AC, to satisfy the needs of most market leading radio stations.

Get ReelWorld ONE exclusively for your market now before your competitor does!

You can hear a sample of the Rouge FM ReelWorld ONE jingles here and follow ReelWorld on Twitter @reelworldeurope

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