Free Sports Theme from TM Studios

TM Studios have some more freebies for you!!


Alright… so we might have been LESS interested in the SCHOOL part but we are always interested in the SPORTS part. This month we’ve produced a killer Sports Theme for your local team. In-Game, Commercials, Imaging etc. You are FREE and CLEAR to use it as you see fit.

*We provided FULL and LITE + 30 SEC versions of each.


Have you heard our TRUE-UPDATE jingle packages?


They are like updating jingle packages except…they actually update…EVERY month. New vocals and music every time. Not the same vocals that were recorded 5 years ago when you originally signed up.

We kind of feel like in contemporary radio 5 year old vocals would make your jingles feel stale after a while. Maybe that’s just us.

Here’s a handy link to the site, poke around, see what else you like.

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