The FunX Factor

The‚?? ‚??FunX‚?? ‚??Factor‚?? ‚??in‚?? ‚??an‚?? ‚??eXtremely‚?? ‚??delicious‚?? ‚??package‚?? ‚??for‚?? ‚??Holland‚??s‚?? ‚??leading‚?? ‚??Urban‚?? ‚??radio‚?? ‚??brand from PURE Jingles.

Appealing‚?? ‚??to‚?? ‚??young‚?? ‚??people,‚?? ‚??NPO‚?? ‚??FunX‚?? ‚??merges‚?? ‚??many‚?? ‚??music‚?? ‚??genres‚?? ‚??into‚?? ‚??a versatile‚?? ‚??package‚?? ‚??that‚??s‚?? ‚??rubbing‚?? ‚??elbows‚?? ‚??with‚?? ‚??current‚?? ‚??hit‚?? ‚??music‚?? ‚??-‚?? ‚??and‚?? ‚??that‚??s FUN‚?? ‚??to‚?? ‚??listen‚?? ‚??to‚?? ‚??as‚?? ‚??well!

Feel‚?? ‚??the‚?? ‚??vibe‚?? ‚??of‚?? ‚??the‚?? ‚??city:

FunX‚?? ‚??is
‚?Ę Urban CHR
‚?Ę DJ Khaled, J Balvin & MHD
‚?Ę Part of Dutch public broadcaster NPO

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