What Vocals to Choose for CHR Radio Jingles

Well that does not necessarily seem to be a problem these days. Jingle companies have become edgier. More and more cutting edge approaches are made and applied on vocals of CHR radio jingles which were merely impossible to obtain in the previous decades.

Listen to any CHR radio jingle cut from any jingle company, and you’ll hear lots of that “Cher” effect. Lots of reverb, echoing, EQing and digitizing that’s been done. We didn’t even know robots are allowed to sing for CHR radio jingles.

You may not consider this – but choosing between male souinding vocals and female sounding vocals for your CHR radio jingles mean a lot. Jingle companies don’t even know about this.

Male Vs Female CHR Radio Jingles

For you to be able to weigh which one is better to choose when considering your next jingle package, let’s have a head-to-head comparison of both.

Most CHR radio jingles produced today are all femalish in vocals. It seems to be an industry standard already. Using female sounding vocals for your CHR radio jingles mean a lot. Even with a CHR station that’s flocked with more female listeners, female vocals are proven to be better than male vocals. This is because woman as a figure has always been associated with better sales. Look at TV commercials, all you’ll always see a female figure.

On the other side, male vocals for a CHR radio jingle package also has benefits. Only a few stations cash in on using male vocals for CHR radio jingles, but they missed out an important point. See, majority, about 60% of the listeners of CHR stations are female, and how good does it sound if these large chunk of listeners are listening to a male voice. Girls go crazy when they listen to Justin Timberlake, Usher or Rob Thomas. Why not use CHR radio jingles with male vocals sounding like them.

Male vocals jingles have been successful on other formats. Classic rock station in a certain city in the United States has been airing malish vocals for their jingles. Remember WSTW? They also once had a jingle package that had a solo male voice all over the package.

The main reason though why most PDs and imaging directors choose female is to break the monotony of the male dominated air staff. Since most of DJs you hear on CHR stations today are male, your CHR radio jingles on the opposite should be female. However, choosing a male lead dominated vocals for your CHR radio jingle package also has its ups and perks. Whatever you choose though, just make sure your CHR radio jingles stand out and don’t blend in the background.