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Ignite Jingles

Mince Pie FM 2016

It’s not Christmas, until Minster FM rebrands as Mince Pie FM! Ignite Jingles had a lot of fun creating these special festive mixes of the Minster FM jingle package, and sang a selection of Christmas cuts both for Minster and...

Minster FM

Ignite Debuts Custom Jingles on Minster FM

North Yorkshire’s Minster FM is airing a brand new custom jingle package from this week, produced by MediaCityUK-based Ignite Jingles. The eight theme package introduces a new sonic logo to the station, and includes jingles to match all genres of...

Minster FM Switches to Ignite Jingles

Minster FM Switches to Ignite Jingles

York’s Minster FM is the latest station to switch to Ignite Jingles, with the station’s new jingle package now on the air across North Yorkshire. Minster FM took delivery of a twelve-cut package, created from a number of different packages...