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  1. Gearoid says:

    I don’t know what the story is with “Joseph” (if that’s his real name) he maybe had a few too many sour grapes that night. I am one of Moonshadows suppliers I’ve been working with these guys for the last five years and I have to say Joseph’s remarks are completely untrue. Maybe “Joseph” could leave an email address next time he’s up late at night writing malicious messages or better yet contact Moonshadow directly through their website.

  2. Justin Blake says:

    Came across Moonshadow through a mutual client who recommended them when I was looking for some new material recently. Not only did they deliver the goods but their wealth of knowlege about the entire branding industry blew me away. Really helpful crowd. Expert service through and through.

  3. Gearoid says:

    I’ve had the pleasure of working with the guys from moonshadow and I have to say their expertise is matched only by their entusiasm. Rock and Roll!

  4. Andy Gray says:

    hi all at jingle news, fantastic site as always. just wanted to say congrats and best off the(irish) luck to the team at moonshadow audio branding. i had a listen to their cuts and was very impressed. some off their older style cuts are particularly impresive. looking forward to hearing more material in the near future. well done guys!

  5. Bracciano says:

    Re Geariod comment (no1)
    What Joseph ??
    And if a Joseph made a complaint that was censored, why remove it if it wasn’t
    using offensive language etc

    Good to see some Irish companies get going in this sector, incidentally Gordon does a film show on Spin on Sundays 745pm

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