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Since January 2005, Top Format Productions delivered new station ID packages in Denmark almost every 2 weeks.

During this period thirty eight tickets where booked for flying in nineteen native Danish singers and clients from several Danish cities.

The singers spent forty two hours in the recording studio. Forty rooms were booked in several hotels, unfortunately one hotel got evacuated due to a nearby fire. The average snow level last week was 12 cm (5 inches) which caused a delay of 4 hours on the flight- and recording schedule and one flight got even cancelled. A total of twenty nine breakfasts were served, thirty nine diner reservations had been made and lunches were consumed forty five times. The results of 2 months of work are 7 new station ID packages and Top Format’s first demo C D that is 100 % Danish.

Lyden af Danmark
During the Danish broadcast convention ‘Radiodays’ in Copenhagen, this weekend of March 12th and 13th, the radio stations Skala FM, Guld FM, Radio Horsens, Radio Horsens Classic, Radio Mojn, Radio Alfa, VLR and Radio Victor will all launch their jinglepackage from Top Format Productions !

The title ‘Lyden af Danmark’ speaks for itself; The Sound of Denmark. Apart from the native Danish vocals on each station ID package and the artwork of the disc, all packages are even hosted in Danish. Curious about ‘Lyden af Danmark’ ? The demo premieres at the Top Format website, when the Radiodays in Denmark are opening: Saturday 12 March at 09:00 AM (CET).

New custom station IDs: The KIT II
In 2002 Top Format introduced the station ID concept ‘The KIT’. This unique formula became popular at stations all over the world. Stations like Hit FM and Radio Viborg in Denmark, RFM in Portugal, Dubai 92 in the United Arab Emirates, BB Radio in Germany, Randstad FM in Belgium, Capital FM 101 in Latvia, Simone FM in The Netherlands and Lawson CS in Japan are just a few enthusiatic users of ‘The KIT’.

In November 2004, Top Format together with Skala FM (Kolding / Denmark) the first steps were made in completing the new station strategy (Hot AC) into a new station ID package and a complete news and service package. The first week of 2005 we started composing, followed by recording live instruments, vocals and the mixing of the tracks. Vocal scouting for professional and exclusive singers ensured the station being recognizable in their overall image.

This new ‘KIT II’ again has a unique feature: after we sang and mixed your jingles, you will get 2 extra KIT mix outs of the appropriate cuts. The beginnings and endings of these jingles will be mixed separately and pressed on the master C D copy. This allows you to make over 200 different combinations of these ID’s yourself. Endless possibilities to create your own transitions, short donuts or to use the endings as stand alone shotguns. The KIT II contains 15 station IDs and a News & Service package with 5 music beds.

The KIT Jingle station is also updated, this virtual play out allows you to work with the ‘fronts’ and ‘backs’, by combining them with each other ánd with CHR songs to power up your on-air skills! The KIT II and the KIT jingle station premiere online at, Saturday 12 March at 09:00 AM (CET).

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