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Steve England has added some new resung jingles to his site for Max FM, SAGA 105.2fm, Quaywest Gold and Kismat Radio. There’s also been space made for packages for BBC Lincolnshire, Manx Radio, BBC Radio Cornwall & BBC Radio Guernsey. We can hopefully expect these to be available in the next few weeks.

“What a mad busy time it’s been � there’s been new custom ID Packages for the BBC, Manx Radio and top up packages for all 3 Saga stations. Although the stations have distinctively different output all the packages have been created to reflect the freshness of today’s radio.

There has also been quite a lot of remixed and resung packages including London’s Kismat Radio, Quaywest Gold and Max FM � all have been added to the �Remix’ section of the ID page so click here to hear how good they sound!”

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