Hallam FM 2005

Coming soon from Reelworld: Hallam FM 2005 and another package for ‘another station’ in the Emap Group.

Prepare yourself for jingles that will transform the sound of UK Radio and cause widespread world salivation!

Coming soon – a pair of groundbreaking, 100% musical CHR jingle packages, both custom-created for two of Emap’s biggest UK stations.

First up, it’s Hallam FM 2005.

Keep any eye on www.reelworld.com over the next few weeks for the package. It should be on Hallam FM within the next week or two.

Edit: The package for the ‘other station’ will be released in a month or so.

6 Responses

  1. ANDI WATSON says:

    I am hoping that Northsound 1 might get some new jingles….here’s hoping! BUT PLEASE DON’T GIVE SCOTLAND MAGIC!!!

  2. Ken Smith says:

    I’ve heard bits of the package from a sample Hallam got the other week; its hot!

  3. DJ Jono says:

    My moneys on Key 103 or Metro Radio


  5. the one says:

    Hallam Jingles don’t go live until 2006. Jan 1st.

  6. Hallam FM says:

    The hallam Package will now go live on 26th December 2005

    Enjoy!!! We Will!!!!

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