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Music 4 are preparing themselves for a big update to the site. Over the last few months Music 4 have worked with Radio City 96.7, U107, 2FM, Chris Moyles @ BBC Radio 1 of course and many other stations too.

We’ve just completed the package for U105 (the new Northern Ireland station) which is made up a a re-sing of the Radio 2 Australia package plus 4 new custom cuts on top and V.Xmas 2 which has now been mailed out, apart from that, we have loads of things going on behind the scenes which we will be announcing in around 4 – 5 weeks from now. Exciting stuff!

The advice is to keep an eye on in 4 – 5 weeks time to see what stuff they’ve been working on.

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  1. Ken Smith says:

    Paul, do you have any a’checks of Marty in the Morning seeing as you live in Ireland?

  2. Paul says:

    I’ve got two Ken. Send me an email (paul.mcgrath {at} gmail {dot} com.

    One is from last week and there’s another one from his second week on the show.

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