Cue Creative in 2006

The year 2005 was a very productive year for Cue Creative. The New Year also started successful in January 2006. To celebrate the rising success, Cue Creative launched a completely renewed user-friendly website on the 1st of February 2006. With an easy to use jingle player, all jingle packages online, an extension of the portfolio with even more commercials for radio and television, the recent custom made music productions, the latest news and a possibility to sign up for Cue Creative’s newsletter.

Here is some of the latest news from the studio of Cue Creative:

Cue Creative is also known for their high impact jingle packages. Way FM, the total renewed Dutch Rock Hit Radio Westland, took a custom made jingle package, consists of 10 cuts in different versions. Radio Flaixbac, one of the high rated Catalan radio stations in Spain, warns the competitors after using the new imaging; the renewed jingle package offers no one the same way to success. Cue Creative did a syndication/resing of the package In A Flash for Internet radio station Summer FM. You can hear this very popular jingle package already in: The Netherlands, Greece, Portugal and now all over the world on the Internet. Cue Creative produced Christmas imaging for several radio stations around at the end of 2005. Such as the Fizz Show, which can be heard all over Italy. We carried out an extensive Holiday Season Update to the existing package. All Christmas bells were included in this one!

Cue Creative constantly produces music productions for several projects in- and outside The Netherlands. The latest music production from the studio of Cue Creative was produced for dj Paul T from the UK. Dutch market leader Radio 538 preferred the single to their Dance Smash listings and it reached the Dutch chartlist Top 40. On an international base the track already had airplay from many radio stations around Europe, such as BBC Radio 1. Right now, remixes are being made for King B and Luke Howard.

To listen to cuts from their latest packages in their playout simulator or to get more information on Cue Creative visit

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