Wise Buddah Jingles & Music Imaging News – Autumn 2007

BBC Radio Derby

Wise Buddah is proud to announce the completion of its first package for BBC Local Radio with BBC Radio Derby.

The 2007 SONY Award winning station chose Wise Buddah to produce a brand new custom jingle package for 2007 and beyond that reflected both it’s core music values and it’s commitment to the modern attitudes of the 21st century audience.

Wise Buddah’s winning pitch delivered this and more this with a selection of contemporary, guitar driven cuts that reflected the trend towards a younger thinking and more active over 50’s listener… and one increasingly in tune with today’s music….

The package features eleven separate elements all with “lite” mix versions including News and Sport packages, programme ID’s, Top of the Hour and ethnic cuts – all reflecting the wide range and diversity of this highly successful station’s output.

The package is on air very soon.

Flatmates (with Kimberley Stewart) – Living TV x 10 Episodes

Wise Buddah won the pitch to produce the main theme and all incidental music for this new series produced by Initial for Living TV.

The series follows hot A-List celebrity, Kimberley Stewart as she searches for two new flatmates for her London home. The series dips in and out of her showbiz Hollywood lifestyle, flitting between L.A. and London while contestants do battle to win the coveted prize…

Radio Number 1 – Italy

Radio Number One is one of Italy’s top regional broadcasters covering all of the north of the country including the cities of Milan, Turin and Verona as well as Italian-speaking Switzerland, covering a total population of over 15 million people.

Wise Buddah produced a custom package of 10 main ID’s plus news and travel suites for this Adult CHR.

Big FM – Stuttgart

Production has started on the re-imaging of Stuttgart’s Big FM, with a range of news, travel and Full ID’s from the Capital 95.8 package produced earlier this year.

TV2 – Denmark

Wise Buddah teamed up with T.M. Europe in Holland to re sing the Radio Subasio package for Denmark’s national station, TV2. The package comprises of 19 cuts including Summer and Christmas cuts and was sung by Danish singers. Hear the cuts in the September 2007 Podcast before they hit the WB site.

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