WRJ (Web Radio Jingles) Launches

WRJ Web Radio Jingles Showreel 2007 | 5.58MB – 5:23 | Download

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  1. Isydee says:

    I commissioned a package of jingles and are fantastic, other than the usual… price excellent. Try, even one as I did the first time … and after I made a package.

    Ask what you want and you will the right answer!

    Music Manager of
    Portofino Network

  2. Really awesome!!!
    So lucky to discovery webradiojingles. My Futura fm is changed so well with their new jingles….fresh, pounchy. Each jingle??
    aired seems a contemporary song. Also….so many versions each jingle, my package is double!
    My favourite playlist?? one song, one jingle..one song, one jingle..again and again, night and day.
    The listeners are so happy!!!
    Thanks, wrj.

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