Happy New Year from Push Button Productions

Let Push Button Productions be the first to wish you a Happy Valentine’s Day!

No. you haven’t entered one of those pesky time-warps again, we’re just trying to make sure you’re prepared.

Read on to find out how we’re making V-Day advertising irresistible this year and also discover our true feelings for sandwiches.

Love is in the air… so are sales!

Now that the holidays are over and done, a lot of business owners are starting to think about the new year. It’s no secret that sales failed to reach expected levels for most retailers last year and that means that secondary holidays will need to make a greater impact on the bottom line this year. The first of those secondary holidays being Valentine’s Day.

Analysts are predicting that this year we will be witnessing one of the earliest starts for V-Day advertising ever. This means that if you’re not one of the ones ready to jump in, you will likely be losing valuable sales. Major advertisers won’t be waiting for consumers to be ready to buy (not that they ever do) because that leftover Christmas jewelry has got to go on somebody’s finger!

So to encourage you to get in on this Valentine’s Day rush a little earlier this year, Push Button is offering a 25% discount on all V-Day advertising ordered before January 20th.

The best part?

Every single order comes with a complimentary date with Yeosh or Jon!!! (Estimated retail value of $.074) How can you possibly go wrong?!

Don’t let your Ads go flat!

There’s few things in life we enjoy more than a fresh fountain soda. You can argue all you want, but when the icy, fizzy blast hits your mouth, you know there’s not a whole lot missing in your life. Soda in a can or bottle can hold you over, but you know that feeling when you want something so bad that only the EXACT thing will satisfy you? THAT is what you want your customers to feel.

It’s too bad that there are only a handful of products in the world that can create that effect on people based solely on how great it is (see also McDonald’s French Fries). If you’re one of those lucky business owners with a product like that, then you won’t have to work as hard for your product to be memorable. But if you’ve been handed lemons (which as we all know isn’t a bad thing), you’re gonna need some sugar-coating before you can make lemonade.

It’s not about lying, cheating and stealing, but you do have to recognize that a product needs to be on a consumer’s radar before they can make a conscious decision on whether or not they want it. Considering some estimates place the number of ads we are exposed to on an average day somewhere in the neighborhood of 600 to 3000, it seems impossible to find a way to make yours more memorable than the next one. The good thing about most advertising is that it appears to be (and is) arbitrary.

Take a few minutes to think about what you’re trying to accomplish in your ad and you’ll be way ahead of the game already.

Actually take the time to develop some sort of a marketing plan and execute it and you’re light years ahead. Just remember that in your advertising you want to be more like a fountain soda. Short, sugary and leave them wanting more.

Commercials on a Budget!

Looking for a great and inexpensive way to increase the power of your radio ad-buys? Try one of our piping hot ‘Commercial’s-in-a-Zip’! They’re totally customizable for your business and can even be changed to incorporate Valentines Day promotions all for $299! Click Here to listen to our selection!

Want something made from scratch? How about our ‘Create-A-Commercial’ option? Start here and you’re on your way to making your business a star!

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