Why Get A Jeff Berlin For Radio Station Imaging

Jeff Berlin Radio Station ImagingWe hear the guy in countless stations in America. No doubt Jeff Berlin, signature station voice of Kiss 108 Boston, continues to be one of the most sought after voices for radio station imaging today. Two things come to mind when that distinctive voice comes out of the speakers — effective and engaging.

During the previous years, there were heavy talks about the obsoleteness of big deep voices and the taking over of boy-next-door type of voice imaging. Jeff Berlin, however, pulled it off by combining both a voice-of-God and high-schooler type of voiceover.

Effective — because no matter what format his voice is in, he is believable. His voice does not just really rely on compression and heavy processing, every word that comes out is like shotgun bullet. It slays.

Engaging – because whatever voice requirement the production needs, Jeff Berlin still sounds so natural.

Jeff Berlin Radio Station Imaging Demo (copyright www.jberlin.com)

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  1. andrew says:

    Hmm I don’t know- his delivery sounds a bit dated by todays standards. I think the days of commercial voices sounding like ‘shotgun bullets’ may be a thing of the past.

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