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Santa FM 96.3

Harvard Broadcasting recently opened a new station in Saskatoon, South-Central Saskatchewan, Canada on 96.3 FM. The station name is Santa FM, the format – Christmas. Who would have thought that a Christmas station would start airing weeks after the Lenten Season, but it did happen on April 11th. Santa FM went on air with the slogan “Saskatoon’s No.1 Christmas Music Station”. It caught the attention of many, both fans and critics. But a number weren’t happy about having a Christmas station as early as April.

It turned out later to be yet another effective publicity stunt. In addition to three other Harvard radio stations in Calgary, Fort McMurray and Regina, the 96.3 Santa FM broadcast was actually a launching gimmick for the new Wired 96.3, CFWD FM. Just a day after the supposedly launch of “Santa FM”, official website announced this:

You told us that you really really didn’t want a Christmas station and we listened. To be quite honest, we probably would have gone CRAZY listening to Rudolf one more time. Give us a day to work out the kinks and sort through your…emm…comments, or give us a call at 306-653-9630. Tune in today at 3 p.m. to see the new 96.3 fm.

Wired 96.3And in indeed, within hours, Wired 96.3, along with website, was launched. describes the station as young, fresh and fun radio station actively targeting young adults with new music, new voices and a high energy sound featuring the biggest hits from artists like Kanye West, Linkin Park, T-Pain, Buckcherry and Chris Brown.

Of course, what’s a new music channel would be without great radio station imaging. Wired 96.3 came to Kissville for their jingles. Log on to to listen to Saskatoon’s New Music Channel.

Kissville Jingles for Wired 96.3 Saskatoon (,

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