Kissville – June 2008

Kissville’s June update is out and ready to hit the air on the biggest stations all over the world.

Theme 36 >>> This is a cool fast-tempo feel good cut with a pounding beat and acoustic guitars in there as well. If it’s too much, don’t panic, there’s a lovely lite mix of it, and a drum mix as well. and all the usual short mixes – slogan, shotgun and nano.

TOH 06 >>> this is MASSIVE! our most energetic TOH yet. starts off with “Can you feel it”… has scratching in it, and cool vocals as well. we hope you’ll love it. Don’t want the spoken front? no worries – we left it out of your instrumental mix. there’s also a drum mix, and all the other stuff that we like to throw in. perfect for summer 08!

Summer 03 >>> this is the silly one… JonesTM doing the front and us doing the back… we like a bit of collaboration now and then! don’t forget that there was also a summer jingle in the MAY 08 update as well… and if you were subcscribing this time last year, you might wanna grab the summer jingles in the June 07 update.

Traffic Bed 03 >>> A new traffic bed… requested by WVAQ so thanks to you guys, everyone gets one! and end the bulletin with the logo stab.

SweepIDs 23, 24, 25, 26 >>> you said “more more more”… we said “yeah!”

ProdBed 15 >>> more for the imaging team to play around with.

For the stations that wanted something to use late at night, watch this space!!!

Kissville June 2008 – Kiss Logo for Channel 4 Dubai | 3.77MB – 1:38

Kissville June 2008 – Kiss 108 Logo for Play 99.6 Jordan | 4.746MB – 1:56

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