Calling Kissville Clients

AT40 and On Air with Ryan Seacrest Jingles from Kissville now available!


We’ve given you some shotguns and some ramps for this one. Also, if you’re taking the show live off satellite, there’s a 15 second gap for your TOH jingle. so we’ve created a special TOH jingle that lasts 15″ and sings the show and the station. This should fit right into that opt-out slot in the show.

We’ve kept the shotguns to 5″ so they shouldn’t eat into your opt-out inventory time.


There’s shotguns for this, and also a bed that you can use with the dry vox they put on the FTP each week. we tested it out with the Steve Carrell and it worked really well.

Kissville are only going to mix these jingles if you’ve requested them. And the best thing – they’re free if you’re a subscriber! Get in touch with Smoochie now!

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