Kissville – July 2008

At the start of the month Kissville subscribers got loads of brand-spanking-new audio!

Theme 37 – pop piano on this one. Sure, there’s a touch of the Barrelles
about it, but we didn’t wanna get too close to the song else the jingle
would burn out quickly! so there’s piano lead, but also lots of “jingle” to
it! The drum mix is kewl too… as are the shorter mixes. 115bpm

Theme 28 – The Chill Out Jingle!! a few stations have told us that they run
night time chill out / love shows, and were finding it hard to get the
normal kissville stuff in there. so this is the ideal jingle. The ramps are
awesome, and there’s lots of lite mixes. also, the slower versions will be
really good into the Hey There Delilah type of playlist songs. Thanx to Neal
for the nudge to make it happen! 75bpm

Stagers 1, 2 and 3 – Short instrumental pads with your logo, ideal for
liners, show bumpers, sponsor messages. these are a new thing for us, so let
us know how you get on with them. if you want more of them, check out the
instrumental versions of the slogan themes, which are also useful for that
kind of things. We love these though!!!

Five SweepIDs, and a production bed – All the things you need for sounding
bigger than your competitors!

Also, be sure to check out for their monthly updates for other stations.

Kissville July Update – Channel 4 UAE | 8.87MB – 3:52

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