Wise Buddah Jingles & Music Imaging News – Autumn 2008

Wise Buddah have been working with a whole load of stations in the last few months. Here are some of the highlights.

Virgin Radio Toronto
Astral Media were looking for a package that would really make them stand out on-air when they launched Virgin Radio in Toronto.

Wise Buddah responded with a package containing 10 full IDs (from BFBS and Viking FM, 2 new Breakfast themes, a news and travel suite (Capital 95.8) and over 50 sweepers.

Virgin Toronto launched with a bang on August 25th and has been well received by listeners and the package has certainly delighted the team at Virgin.

“In a world of innovation, Virgin didn’t want to have just imaging… We were looking for THE imaging that would made us stand out. The people of Wise Buddah aren’t “copying and pasting” their package… First, they are listening and then they make it happen!

The creativity, the patience and the talent of the Wise Buddah team are key ingredients in our success. Without Wise Buddah, Virgin Radio Toronto wouldn’t be Virgin Radio Toronto.”
– Programme Director Martin Tremblay.

Wise Buddah are delighted to announce that is has just completed a new jingle package for Birmingham’s Hit Music Station, 96.4 BRMB.

The package is a re-sing of Buddah’s highly acclaimed BFBS package and comprises 10 main themes, two breakfast show cuts and a cappella vocals in all keys and tempos.

The news and travel cuts came from an adaptation of the Capital 95.8 news and travel suites to incorporate the new four note logo.

Virgin Italy
Virgin Italy recently commissioned Wise Buddah to license its Virgin Radio rock package and also come up with a number of new custom themes to add to the package which is set to go to air on September 25th.

BB Radio (Berlin)
Wise Buddah has just completed a set of custom jingles for Berlin and Brandenburg’s BB Radio, the first of a number of new packages for radio stations in Germany.

BB commissioned a News suite, travel and weather beds, show openers and Christmas jingles.

Torsten Biernheide, Programming Director of BB Radio and Robert Leonard, Head of On-Air Design had this to say: “We had a huge demand on our new sound package and Wise Buddah really settled our claim. You rarely meet such creative producers. The cooperation was also extremely professional. The outcome is just convincing. We can definitely recommend Wise Buddah”.

Big FM (Stuttgart)
Stuttgart’s CHR Big FM ordered a re sing from a number of Wise Buddah packages including their Capital 95.8 2007 package and RFM’s 2007 Portugal package.

“The decision to produce our jingle package with Wise Buddah was a wise one! .

The excellent communication and the professional procedure of their work make Wise Buddah our first choice when it comes to sound packages.”
– Stephan Müller, Head On-Air Design at Big FM.

Radio Argovia, Switzerland
Radio Argovia recently order a re sing of the Contemporary Cuts package. The news, travel and weather suites from Wise Buddah’s Original 106 package we’re reversioned to include the Radio Argovia sonic logo.

Kink FM, Holland
Our friends at Kink FM updated their 2006 package with four new custom cuts.

For more information and to obtain audio from the above packages, contact Paul Plant on + 44 (0) 207 307 1616 or e-mail paul.plant@wisebuddah.com.

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