Kissville October 2008

Here’s what’s new at Kissville this month.

Theme 42 > a chart-fuelled jingle with a strong beat and cool vocals. all the usual edits and instrumentals for you. There’s a hint of rihanna without getting into the world of soundalikes! 120bpm/Dmaj

Weather Bed 05 > With fall now here and winter getting closer, we’ve done a weather bed that’s not quite as “happy” as the last one! so when you’ve got snow/ice/whatever then this should do the job nicely for you. Of course, for stations in sunnier places (hello Dubai and Lebanon amongst others!!), you can use it when it goes below 100f haha! 108bpm/Dbmaj

Promo Bed 06 > you can never have enough of these… and we’re always getting requests for em! a bit of timbaland but a very useable bed that should work for remotes, live spots, diary announcements etc etc. 125bpm/Dmaj

Another 5 SweepIDs > Quick and easy to use on air, great between songs!

Kissville October 2008 Update | 3.25MB – 1:25

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