New JAM at Q92.9 Pittsburgh

Q92.9 Pittsburgh are airing a custom package from JAM for the last few months. WLTE in Minneapolis are also using the same package.

WLTE uses a slightly different version of the same package.

“We actually recorded two versions of each jingle at the same time, to better accomodate different logo phrasings. Pittsburgh sings “Q — 92.9” whereas Minneapolis sings “102.9 Lite — FM”.

At this moment, the package does not have an official name or a final demo. When it does, it will appear on our site.” – Jonathan Wolfert, JAM

Here are 4 cuts from the JAM custom for Q92.9, Pittsburgh – 2 ramps, a transition and a top of the hour.

Q92.9 Pittsburgh 2008 from JAM | 2.2MB – :55

3 Responses

  1. Len Groat says:

    It is GREAT to hear some NEW JAM material, and as good as always!!

  2. Hi Paul, amazingly JAM once again! If I’m not mistaken this package uses the JAM-WNIC logo melody, right. Can’t wait for the package.

  3. Eban says:

    It sounds soooooo old fashion … Sorry, but I hate them lol

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