YoungGuns and Litehouse: Christmas 2008

Stations are flipping to Christmas all across the States… KVIL are one of the latest.

Obviously, Christmas is a massive thing for AC stations, and Litehouse produced three seasonal cuts for every subscriber, including ramps, slogan cuts, lite mixes and standalone. They also supplied a selection of Christmas production beds and stagers, to help all their stations reflect the season perfectly.

With an up-beat theme, a medium-tempo theme and a very relaxed jingle, stations always have the perfect jingle, whatever Christmas song is playing next!

Litehouse Studios Q4 Updates 2008 | 2:10

Young Guns have also supplied Christmas imaging to their stations, including two Christmas themes (fast and slow). However, because not all country stations go as big on Christmas, they’ve also supplied non-seasonal versions that can be used all year round.

YounGuns Studios November Updates 2008 | 1:10

Both services are celebrating record numbers of stations joining the original updating jingle packages… and when you’ll hear the cuts, you’ll know why!

P.S. Check back on Monday to hear what YoungGuns and Litehouse gave their stations for Thanksgiving.

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