YoungGuns and Litehouse: Thanksgiving 2008

Two of Vineyard Sound Studios’ updating jingle services and supplied every American client with free Thanksgiving jingles ready for next week’s big celebration.

Country stations subscribed to Young Guns have been sent a newly sung version of one of their original themes, complete with ramp and slogan mixes, and AC stations subscribed to LITEhouse have a newly sung theme and top of hour to use.

LiteHouse’s Amanda said “we just love helping our stations sound as good as possible, and now they can swap out their usual Top Of Hour jingle for this special version, to add to the holiday spirit. And if they’re flipping to holiday songs afterwards, our three new Holiday themes should keep everything sounding festive!”

Litehouse Thanksgiving 2008 | :38

Speaking for Young Guns, Roscoe said “Thanksgiving is such a great time of year – it’s all about family, fun and great times – so it’s something our clients really care about. We really enjoyed sending our stations this special jingle, and we hope they enjoy using it!”

YoungGuns Thanksgiving 2008 | :51

Amanda and Roscoe are also excited about new stations signing up for their services, including KUDL in Kansas City and KWEN in Tulsa. Check out the demos at the Vineyard Studios site

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