KUDD Mix 107-9 from M-Edge

The wait is over! KUDD Mix 107-9 is now available for syndication from M-Edge Productions.

KUDD Mix 107-9 is a perfect fit for the CHR TOP 40 format. It blends with your playlist but still cuts through any clutter while branding your station with an amazing and contemporary sound. KUDD was crafted around the popular KISS 108 FM LOGO. This logo is used by hundreds of stations accross the country. The 6 syllable logo gives you plenty of room to fit your lyrics plus it gives you a very memorable and strong melody. Pkg Contains: 15 Themes… 10 Core Basic ID Themes, Weather, What’s Happening, Contest, Traffic and Top of Hour. You’re gonna love it!

Also, M-EdgeProductions.com just got some nice updates! The new smokin’ player now gives you the option to listen to individual cuts. Customer Login gives you access to your production material 24/7.

Finally, Canada is on the Edge! Toronto’s own “The new Flow 93-5” made the switch to the sound of M-Edge. Flow is enjoying a smokin’ resing of Kiss FM Dallas 2008. Wayne Williams/PD of Flow had some nice things to say about the M-Edge crew… check out the client testimonials.

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  1. Jon says:

    Wow…very cool. Love the sound of the KUDD Mix 107-9 jingles! The individual cut play option at M-Edge is nice to have. Any thoughts?

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