Wise Buddah Kiss Berlin

Wise Buddah is delighted to add another leading German radio brand to its growing European roster, Kiss FM Berlin.

“KISS HITS” was commissioned by Kiss’s Programme Director Christian Schalt and was completed shortly before Christmas for launch in early January 2009.

The package comprises of eight main IDs, four Top of Hour jingles as well as news, travel and weather. A cappella vocals were also supplied chromatically across an octave to increase flexibility with segues and production inclusives.

Programme Director Christian Schalt added:

“When operating in competitive markets having a well produced, distinctive jingle package becomes even more important. Wise Buddah´s producers understand the programmer’s needs and always come up with a cutting edge solution. The new package will very much support the successful development of KISS FM in Berlin”.

Kiss FM Berlin is available for immediate syndication and can be adapted to all call signs and market requirements.

Kiss FM Berlin 2009 | 4.57MB – 5:00

For more information about Kiss Hits or any other Wise Buddah jingle package, call Paul Plant on + 44 (0) 207 307 1610 or e-mail paul@wisebudddah.com.

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  1. jingling says:

    i don’t know but this package sounds like what wise buddah has done for the capital package awhile back. nevertheless, sounds good and a far cry from the well known KIIS fm from reelworld! superb!

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