How to Combat Radio Fear Factor

How to Combat Radio Fear FactorPeople are scared. Owners/GMs are scared of losing money, scared of the de-valuation of their radio stations. And DJs are scared because they are afraid of losing their jobs.

DJs do the best job of handling fear, because DJs are ALWAYS afraid of losing their jobs. So, they learn how to handle fear or they don’t survive in this business. But, the current state of the economy has driven up the fear factor a bit, even for the jocks.

Positive action is the best way to handle fear and also the best way to get through a crisis. Just hunkering down and hoping it will go away is a losing strategy. Now is the time to be advertising/marketing the radio station like never before. Get out there and tell people about your radio station… not about the next contest… your RADIO STATION ! For the first time in a long time, the average person is open to messages about free entertainment.

Of couse, your station has to be entertaining if you want to market it as such. That means being pro active about what you let on the air. The era of too-tight playlists and nailed down jock clocks is wrong in an environment that calls for something entertaining. „Zero out“ the station.  Make yourself  a list… What’s on air that doesn’t need to be there? And what am I missing that should be there? Build the list back up again with an eye to entertainment. And  be sure you are using the listeners measurement of what is entertaining!

And, it’s time to begin spending more time with the on air talent. Think about ways to nurture the creative process while keeping the team focused. By the way, the more time you spend bonding with your team, the lower the „fear factor“… for everybody.

RickRik De Lisle is a veteran of over 40 years in broadcasting, including major market programming and on-air work. Formerly Director of  „Alan Burns and Associates, Europe“, he is now “retired” and hosts 3 syndicated shows in Germany.

This article was taken from the February 18, 2009 SOB Jingle Newsletter. SOB is proud to unveil it’s latest jingle masterpieces for 3 of Europe respected radio stations. Meantime, SOB continues to represent the Bespoke Music Company in Europe. The Local Radio Company’s 2006 package with new, hotter sounding, jingles. On-air from December 2008 across 18 stations in the UK, they’re available now for the European mainland. Listen here to the new cuts.

Jingles for Frequence Plus – France | Download

Anthony Eustache, Managing & Program Director Fréquence Plus:
I’m more than happy with the new jingles! They sound great on our station, and, what’s most important: they sound different from anything else that’s on the radio in France. SOB? C’est GOOD!

Radio Viborg: Real Radio! | Download

TLRC Update Bespoke Music Company | Download

Soul Radio: the web’s grooviest | Download

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