Smooth Panther – AC Imaging

Smooth Panther - AC Imaging With A BiteFinally … Adult Contemporary radio imaging has been taken to the next level with Smooth Panther – the AC imaging library with a bite!

This imaging beast isn’t wild and out of control. It will keep you on your toes, but its power can be tamed. When you want attitude, you’ll find it. When you’re looking for a contemporary sound, you’ve got it. Drones, bleeps, statics, musical elements … with enough of a growl to shut up your competitor, and smooth enough to keep your audience tuning in.

GET SMOOTH PANTHER NOW! Smooth Panther is brought to you by the same guys that tamed the Orange Panther and the team at PURE Jingles. Also check their latest jingle packages including HIT FM Belgium.

Smooth Panther Demo | Download

Hit FM Belgium Demo | Download

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