Listener Audio Clips and Tips

Listener Audio Clips and TipsThe use of listener clips have been around since radio went interactive. Today, listener audio clips help breath life, excitement, and credibility to a production. But is there really a right or wrong way to use listener clips? We recently had a chat with Ian Sturgeon of Big Fish Worldwide and shared to us the beauty of producing with listener audio clips.

1. If you compare a promo/production that has listener clips in it with a promo that hasn’t, what is the advantage?

I think You can make promos that are creative, and fun without listener audio, but using listener audio in things like winner promos is great! It build excitement. It helps the listener imagine themselves as a winner.

One common thing to do with cash contests is to feature listeners talking about what they’d do with the money if they won. After they hear the promo the listener goes away thinking…”yup…I’d catch up on bills too…” or…”yeah, a vacation…that would be great.” It makes a contest seem possible, and it makes them want it more.

2. When using listener audio clips, are there specific rules in using them as far as production is concerned?

Well…some companies are just anti-phoner across the board…which makes a lot of sense. If you can’t hear what someone is saying, you’re wasting everyones time. Use EXTREME caution if you’re using phoners, ’cause as a general rule…they sound like crap. Reserve them for screaming winner promos, and stuff like that, and get high quality listeners by walking around at concerts and remote broadcasts talking to your listeners…or by signing up for Big Fish.


3. Contest IDs and promos are the most likely that needs listener clips. What are other uses of listener drops?

There are a million ways to use listeners. Have them talk about why they listen…when they listen…what their favorite bands are. All this stuff is MUCH more believable coming from a listener, than coming from a voice guy.

In my Clear Channel days, we used to do these music free music promos, that would just have listeners saying the artists that they loved really fast. Instead of having a 20-30 second music promo with hooks, you’d have a 10 second sweep that still tells the listener that other people tune in to hear John mayer, Green Day, and Blue October.

Use your imagination. I have a friend in the industry who went to nursing homes, and recorded old people reciting the words to hip-hop songs…It was hilarious, and the old people had a great time with it too. The bottom line is get creative, and stay in touch with your listeners to sound like an interactive local radio station. The stuff we provide at Big Fish should just supplement the listener audio you’re already gathering.

4. How does Big Fish Weekly service help producers pick the right clip for their production? (Like are there keywords or categories?)

Thanks for asking that…Now I have another chance to shamelessly plug my web-site.

Our listener audio library is sorted into categories like “when do you listen”…”Why do you listen”…”Winners”…etc…but the easiest way to find listeners for me, is to just use the search bar. If I’m doing an AC sweeper, I’ll type the word “feel” into the search bar, and it will come up with a bunch of women saying things like….”it just makes me feel good.”….or….”it’s my feel good radio station.” The search bar is key! It allows you to use the library as an interactive tool instead of just downloading a million files to your hard drive.

To have this gigantic listener audio service along with the FX, and beds that are supplied every week really is a great resource, and for $29.99 per month you can’t beat the price….But I’m the owner, so sign up and see for yourself if you don’t believe me.

Ian Sturgeon is the brain behind Bif Fish Worldwide. Ian is proud to announce that they have just added over two thousand listener audio clips to the Big Fish Weekly updates page.  If you sign up now, you’ll get instant access to them, plus at least 15 fresh new workparts every week.  Just visit the homepage, and click on “Big Fish Weekly updates” to find out more:

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