Mother’s Day Elements on Benztown Branding

Mother's Day Elements on Benztown BrandingThey all say mother’s know best. But this Mother’s Day, producers know best that only the coolest and most heart-warming production elements are on Benztown Branding. 35 new elements for Mom’s Day are on Benztown including music beds, samples, SFX, sweepers and a whole lot more. Log on to Benztown now and go straight to Holidays/Specials category.

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Benztown Welcomes The Mountain

The Benztown Crew is also proud to announce that 99.5 The Mountain in Denver has signed up for the service.

“Normally, I’d say that, ‘an effect is an effect,’ but thanks to benztown, we sound like no other station in the market. Not only do they consistently have what I’m looking for, but they’ll go out and produce whatever it is I can’t find. It’s awesome to have a service who wants to win in my market as much as I do!”

Mike Santos
Creative Services Director | Chos Boogie
ALICE 105.9 FM | 99.5 The Mountain KQMT-FM | KOSI 101.1 FM

Benztown Voiceover Group Launched
Giving you the flexibility to have the biggest VO Artists in the world voice your station for barter. coupled with the powerful imaging libraries from will change the way you image your station forever, saving you time, money and giving you the sound you’ve always wanted! Go to

Benztown Branding Demo 2009

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  1. Jason says:

    I think there’s nothing like that library out now at the moment. It’s unbelievable…

    Have a great one,

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