BBC Wiltshire’s new jingle package

S2Blue have remixed their BBC Essex package for BBC Wiltshire.

BBC Wiltshire wanted to freshen the sound of their imaging and decided upon a combination of custom cuts to sit alongside a selection of remixed and resung cuts from the S2blue BBC Essex package.

The group and solo vocals were recorded in London and featured Tommy Blaze, who has recently been part of BBC1’s Strictly Come Dancing vocal team. Check out photos from the session below.

The original BBC Essex package featured an extensive string section which gave it a warm feel and the remixes of these cuts refreshed the overall sound.

BBC Wiltshire 2009 from S2Blue | 3:19 – 4.56MB

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7 Responses

  1. Fred Hart says:

    I like the vocals in this package. Its been on air for a few weeks now and sounds really good.

  2. steve says:

    The vocals are too weak to carry the message…a lack of depth to create a rich sound. The on air image in my opinion is that of an over processed radio station (in transmitting terms) thise cuts on the demo at 3mins and after are the best of the lot.

    A poor re-work on the BBC Essex and Guernsey packages. It also needs the RADIO element back. BBC WILTSHIRE is the uberella of the Radio TV and Online opereation therefore there is no reason not to have the RADIO element in there…

    If they dropped on my desk as a PC or ME I would say NO and ask for my money back or simply they are too weak to carry. male sol may be good but it sounds so poor against a driving theme even with the subltle twangs of the old and dare I say this and as a BBC Creative Package loather I prefered the old one similar to that BBC Radio Derby ditched and their current Music4 package is also poor (why did it take them nearly a year to air that?) was it because it sounds bad… no vocals either eeeeuh!

    I don’t like being scathing but why did you not try MAXIMUM PRODUCTIONS a relatively local company to Wiltshire providing the BBC network with great sounds BBC Radio Leicester being the best user of this package BBC Radio Bristol have butchered and ruined their delievery of the package.

    Add some depth and they will be great!

  3. thi s fatastic…the best

  4. Fred Hart says:

    Directed at Steve – MAXIMUM PRODUCTIONS did jingles for BBC Radio Gloucestershire, BBC Radio Lincolnshire & BBC Radio York.

    BBC Radio Bristol, BBC Radio Leicester, BBC Radio Solent and BBC Hereford & Worcester were done by WICKED MUSIC PRODUCTIONS.

    I agree that the station needs the “radio” element – most listeners will probably refer to it as “Radio Wiltshire” anyway; calling it just “Wiltshire” would have the same effect!

  5. Fred Hart says:

    Just spotted aonother mistake – BBC Radio Derby is Wise Buddah, not Music4!

  6. Bob Dinan says:

    The vocals feel a bit rushed to me

  7. Mike says:

    Do Wicked Music Production have a website? I can’t find it

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