Soft AC Package for 94.3 RS2 Berlin

Wise Buddah has produced its second Soft AC package for 2009. Following the success of EZ Rock, the team were commissioned to create another belter – this time for 94.3 rs2.

Serving Berlin and Brandenburg, 94.3 rs2 is a mainstream AC heritage station broadcasting since the early 1990’s.

The team at rs2 wanted a set of themes that reflected the station’s music policy with genres including Classic Soul, Rock Anthemic, Power Ballad, Pop Latino, Urban and Electro Pop.

Comprising of ten custom themes, the package also included information elements, extended ramps, shotguns and extended bed versions.

The vocals were recorded in Germany and London over the summer period and the package went on air during late August.

To accompany the package and other Wise Buddah Soft AC packages, Wise Buddah has also produced a new Soft AC FX package (Soft Gen) which will be released shortly.

94.3 RS2 Berlin

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  1. Novell says:

    Love the vocals and instruments in this package. Can’t wait for an English station resing.

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