Wise Buddah Update the Bauer City 1 Network

Bauer City 1 listeners are at the center of the fresh new sound of their local station, thanks to the latest updates produced by Wise Buddah and the Bauer City Production Team.

As part of an ongoing series of updates for the Network, the package comprises new Out of Breaks, TOHs, Beds and a set of brand new Breakfast Themes for every station.

Wise Buddah’s Production Manager Phil Tozer said: “We wanted to find a sound for Bauer that moved forward from where we’d been before, with an emphasis on modern pop with a true local feel. We’ve tied the updates in with artists who are the sound of 2016, so expect to hear Bieber, Diplo and Sigala influences, alongside other core HOT AC artists.”

Chris Ward, Group Head of Production of the Bauer City Network added, “We’ve all seen the big shift in pop music over the last 3 – 5 months, driven largely by the sound Justin Bieber has created. We wanted to capture that “new sound” and we worked really hard alongside the team at Wise Buddah to make it happen. I’m very excited by this set of updates, I think they sound brilliant, credible, modern and miles ahead of our competitors.”

The new updates are on air across the Bauer City 1 network now. Take a listen to a selection below.

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