Beacon Shropshire from Wise Buddah

As part of its commission to produce five new jingle packages for the Orion Media group of stations, Wise Buddah re sung its Wyvern custom for the Beacon Shropshire station.

The package required a slightly softer and more AC sound than the custom packages for BRMB and Mercia, and so to match that, Wise Buddah were asked to provide one 80s Duran Duran-esque cut and one 90s dance cut.

The package has just gone on-air along with Wise Buddah’s packages for four other Orion Media stations, as part of a revamp of the stations. Beacon is also using the “Made For Shropshire” message to reinforce its local credentials.

Beacon Shropshire 2009 from Wise Buddah

For more information about this or any other Wise Buddah package, contact Paul Plant on 00 44 (0) 207 307 1610 or e-mail

Beacon Shropshire is copyright Wise Buddah Jingles & Music Imaging Ltd 2009.

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