Pop Rock FM 2010

Dutch Station Pop Rock FM plays 60s, 70s, 80s, and contemporary pop and rock songs, and Jingles Factory jingles too! Yes, they chose Jingles Factory for their jingles. Pop Rock FM is the first jingle package from Jingles Factory for 2010. Contemporary themes plus a powerful sonic logo that perfectly fits a Hot AC station.

And for the first time, JF introduces the station song, with double voice version and multiple mixouts. Also included a powerful news theme, and a holiday theme. Get Pop Rock FM now, go to www.jinglesfactory.com.

Pop Rock FM 2010 Demo

Jingles Factory welcomes a new sales rep Airtime. Dutch stations can now contact Peter Bennot at peter [at] jinglesfactory.com or visit www.airtime.fm.

Pop Rock FM

Exciting news for January! JF is cutting 25% off on their jingles. Choose your package now at www.jinglesfactory.com, promo until February 10, 2010.

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