New TM Jingle Package – TM Smooth Jazz

TM Smooth Jazz – Seven cuts for stations with a smooth jazz format; a beautiful range of styles and moods, all supplied with vocals and instrumentally. There are ramp and slogan mixes, and logos are supplied in the clear too. This is package that works equally well with or without vocals.

PB&J (Peak, Ben & Jack) – This is the latest package from Bruce Upchurch at Zone Radio Imaging, which TM represents. Ten cuts, specifically designed for stations with short station names. There are ramp versions of every jingle.

To listen to individual cuts, log on to

TM Smooth Jazz

PB&J (Peak Ben and Jack)

3 Responses

  1. Novell says:

    Proud of the new smooth jazz package in there.

    Also a hats off to Bruce for the PB&J, as a radio listener and a jingle buff, its a big a+!

  2. larry says:

    Noisy tracks/strange vocals: disapointing-wouldn’t play on my station

  3. Bob Dinan says:

    Like both of these – very different and very well suited to different types of stations.

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