Wise Buddah re sings for Pirate FM

Pirate FM in Cornwall is the latest station to have Wise Buddah’s EZ Rock package re sung.

With Pirate FM on board, this brings the total number of UK stations with the Wise Buddah (www.wisebuddah.com) EZ Rock package to eight.

Over the past year the EZ Rock package has also been re-sung across the world – with territories including Canada, Germany, Austria, Thailand and Hungary.

Pirate FM programme director Bob McCreadie said:

“We’re really happy with the new station production sound. It’s really fresh and energetic and will give our station sound a summer makeover.

We were also really impressed with the speed at which Wise Buddah turned the package round whilst still taking into account our particular requirements”.

Pirate FM

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2 Responses

  1. Johnny says:

    Do UKRD still own Pirate FM?

    As Pirate FM now has the same Jingle package as STAR Radio in Bristol that UKRD sold.

    I find it a little odd that a station would have the exact same jingle package as the station they sold as it sounds like the stations are connected, as they use the same jingles from the same jingle company.

  2. Ian says:

    Pirate is still owned by UKRD. But there is no connection between Pirate and Star Bristol.
    Tomahawk – who own Star Bristol – have used Wise Buddah for a few years for their jingles, and Star have been using the EZ package since mid last year.

    EZ seems to be popular with the stations once, or still in the ownership of UKRD/TLRC, as Isle Of Wight Radio, Stray FM and Yorkshire Coast all use this package.

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