Fizz In The Morning Jingles from Warp By Cue

Cue Creative’s jingle label Warp by Cue presents several jingles for Italian national morning show, Fizz in the Morning. Italy will wake up with this talk formatted radio programme, which will be broadcasted by several radio stations all over the country.

The CHR audio imaging contains custom made sung jingles, bumpers, fillers and sweepers. Warp by Cue’s latest production will be used during the entire show: before and after the news, between songs, during interviews. Warp by Cue is all over the place! The sound of the imaging is inspired by today’s hit music and will fit perfect between nowadays hit songs.

Alessandro Fizzotti, the morning deejay, is very pleased with the jingles: “I’m very satisfied with the jingles. They are energetic and the best way to wake up early
mornings! Warp by Cue is always the right choice!”

Fizz in the Morning will be broadcasted from October 2010 until July 2011 on a big network of radio stations in Italy. The radio programme contains special guests, nice facts to know but also essential information to make it through the day (weather, traffic and news). The audio imaging is also suitable for these items.

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Fizz In The Morning

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