ASAP Studio Goes International

ASAP Studio OG is a company located in Austria, which operates internationally. Specialized in audio and music production, in store media and corporate design, ASAP team includes skilled professionals, who follow the latest technology trends and deliver unique and effective business solutions. Follow the links in the side menu, to get a closer view of the ASAP world.

ASAP Studio offers Audio Production, DesignStudio, Instore Media, and Voice Bank.

At Audio production you will find demos of commercials, jingles and other audio materials. Staffed with experienced engineers, composers and producers, ASAP Studio offers composing, editing, mixing and mastering to clients from all over the world, along with unbeatable price and short delivery time.

At DesignStudio you can enjoy the work of the art department. Web designers, graphic artists and photographers, teamed up with the idea of incorporating your company culture into an impressive visual identity.

At InStore Media you can watch a short video about the advantages of digital signage or in store audio programs – a great opportunity for every business to communicate directly with its customers and convey brand messages exactly to the point.

At Voice Bank you can listen to the demos of ASAP’s voice talents – distinguished professionals with solid experience in audio recording. We maintain a huge variety of voices in every language and type, which can be easily selected at the Voice Search page.

ASAP Studio now offers “XMAS Station Image 2010” – a Christmas Jingle Package. Click here for details.


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