Virgin Radio 3.0 Is Out Now

Richard Branson is probably one of the most visionary entrepreneurs of this time. He has built an empire that includes railway companies, an atlantic airline and is currently planning to launch flights into space!

But when he started, he started small with a music label and record stores. And because he was into music so much, he even figured he would give music to the people by setting up the Virgin Radio brand (which can be heard on stations all over the world).

The simple fact is that it takes a vision to make Virgin Radio as successful as it has become and PURE Jingles is proud to have been asked by Virgin Radio France to produce their new jingles for the third year in a row.

This brand new custom package consists of 10 Main Themes in many mix-outs and puts Virgin Radio’s Pop-Rock flavored AC format in the center of the listener’s attention.

Not only Virgin Galactic has set its sights on setting off into the universe… Virgin Radio is shooting for the stars as well with this brand new package!


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