Best year so far for PURE JingleBox

Best year so far for PURE JingleBox

With the introduction of the PURE JingleBox a couple of years back, PURE Jingles has taken the concept of customizable resing package (yes, you read that right) to a different level.

Customizable resings? A funny concept at a first glance. But once PURE explained the idea to customers (such as France’s RTL 2) many were eager to jump on board. With the JingleBox, you can choose individual main themes from over 300 jingles instead of picking an existing package. It’s like choosing a custom package – but paying the price of a resing.

Choose any jingle, choose any logo

Radio stations get the ultimate choice since they won’t end up with any Urban cuts, just because station X in country Y ordered their package at a time when THEY were playing lots of Urban. Another feature is that JingleBox clients have the freedom to choose a logo melody, which the PURE Jingles team works into in all the cuts.

From France to Finland

This last summer PURE produced JingleBox packages for stations such as Flor FM (France), Jemné Melódie (Slowakia) and The Voice (Finland). You can listen to the demos, or see for yourself which package you would put together by surfing to

Flor FM 2011 from PURE Jingles

Jemné Melódie 2011 from PURE Jingles

The Voice 2011 from PURE Jingles

PURE Jingles is specialized in creating premium station imaging for CHR, Hot AC and AC formats. The client roster includes stations like NRJ (France), Radio Regenbogen (Germany), Europa Plus (Russia) and 3FM (Netherlands).

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