Another #1 package for FM1 Switzerland

Are PURE Jingles as addictive as Swiss chocolate? Just 1 year after getting their first JingleBox package of 16 cuts, FM1 came back for another batch of the same size.

The station’s on-air design team, consisting of Sacha Gamper and Daniel Merkle, had some clear goals in mind for this update. “We wanted to set ourselves even further apart from the competition, by giving our sound some rough edges and showing attitude, while keeping our identity. That’s why we wanted some cool beats and playful vocal editing in this package.”

TOTH Show Openers
Another goal for this second jingle installment was to develop the top of the hour sound, by creating show-specific openers. “We’ve refreshed our morning, drive time and chart shows, so we wanted the imaging to match their new, more music-driven approach. Thus we needed the openers to add a lot of drive and impact to the beginning of each hour.”

“The guys at PURE Jingles did a perfect job, creating a sound that perfectly blends with the music we play. FM1, once again, has the #1 sound in its market!”

FM1 is one of Switzerland’s most listened-to regional stations. With a Hot AC format and a popular morning show called ‘FM1 Wachmacher’, the station reaches of 216.000 listeners in the eastern part of the country, and is on top in its own market.

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