Mix N Match Jingles for Xmas

‎’Tis the season to be jolly! MNM shifts into holiday mode with the Mix N Match X-mas versions.

MNM, the Belgian public broad-caster’s hit radio, organized an international competition for its new on-air imaging. After a first selection a shortlist of 6 European imaging companies was selected.

Rino Ver Eecke (station manager MNM):
“MNM chose Brandy because we instantly felt good about working together; we wanted fresh jingles with a contemporary sound and that’s exactly what we found in Brandy’s proposals.”

Brandy created a new sonic logo that incor-porated both the station’s name and the slogan: ‘Music & More, MNM’. The package consists of 16 basic cuts, delivered in an abundance of mixouts, and imaging for news, weather, traffic and commercial breaks. 4 super functional beds make the package complete.

Rino Ver Eecke: “The cooperation with Brandy was flawless. Our ideas were realized and with the creative input from Brandy we came to new perspectives.”

Brandy Jingles is offering free FX on their Facebook page. Click here

Go to Brandy Jingles Facebook Page to download Free FX

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