PURE Jingles’ 9285 kilometer leap to U Radio – Hong Kong

Digital Audio Broadcasting has been tried and tested in most European countries. So it might come as a surprise that it has taken such a long time for a country like China to give it a go. At the start of 2012, PURE Jingles is there at the launch of DAB in Hong Kong, imaging U Radio.

U Radio is geared towards a Mandarin speaking audience. Through the Internet and apps, people outside of China can tune-in as well.

The station’s management says: “U Radio wants to build an image that it is international, creative and energetic, so we’ve ventured out of Hong Kong to search for a jingle production partner. Out of many choices, we believe that PURE Jingles can help us project that image.”

U Radio chose a broad variety of cuts from the PURE JingleBox – ranging from Jazz to Dance. Their logo was sung in neutral English by PURE Jingles’ European singers.

/ About U Radio
The station was launched on January 18th, 2012 as the latest addition to the Phoenix Television media conglomerate. It targets a modern young Mandarin speaking audience with a news, info, variety and comedy-based programming. www.uradiohk.com

/ About PURE Jingles
PURE Jingles creates imaging & branding for CHR and AC stations that need an individual sound. Clients are stations such as BBC Radio 1 (UK), NRJ (France), Radio Regenbogen (Germany), Europa Plus (Russia) and 3FM (Netherlands). www.purejingles.com

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