ReelWorld ONE County – On Air

ReelWorld ONE Country is the monthly updating jingle package for Country stations from ReelWorld. The sheer volume and quality of the content is an industry FIRST, consisting of a huge ‘starter kit’ of jingle and logo workparts… and then fresh, new, playlist-current jingle and logo-based updates each and every month.

Below we have some jingle aircheck montages of stations using ReelWorld ONE Country courtesy of Kevin at the Texas Radio Collection.

KHEY | El Paso, Texas

KCYE 102.7 The Coyote | Boulder City, Las Vegas

KRST 92.3 | Albuquerque, New Mexico 2012

KASE 101 | Austin, Texas 2010

KEAN 105 | Abilene, Texas 2011

KGNC 97.5 | Amarillo, Texas 2010

KAJA KJ97 | San Antonio, Texas 2010

KMLE County 108 | Boulder City, Nevada 2012

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